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At National Grid, our job is to connect people to the energy they use, whether to heat and light homes, or to keep factories and offices running. As old power stations close we need to join new sources of energy to our network, so that electricity continues to be available to us all at the flick of a switch.

One of these new sources of energy is a proposed high-voltage electricity link between Belgium and Richborough near Sandwich in Kent, known as the Nemo Link®. There is no high-voltage National Grid electricity network in the Richborough area, so we will need to build a new connection to join Richborough to our existing network approximately 20km away, near Canterbury.  This new project is called the ‘Richborough Connection’.

This website sets out:

Latest news:

National Grid has applied for consent to build a new high-voltage overhead line connection between Richborough and Canterbury.

We submitted our Development Consent Order (DCO) application to The Planning Inspectorate on 14 January 2016.

The Planning Inspectorate has appointed the Examining Authority, who is currently examining the application. A series of hearings have taken place as part of this formal six month examination period, with the final set of hearings due to take place on Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 November 2016. The examination period will finish on Thursday 8 December 2016.

When the examination period finishes, the Planning Inspectorate will have three months to make a recommendation to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy as to whether or not the application should be approved.  The Secretary of State will then have a further three months to make the final decision.

Further information can be found on the Planning Inspectorate’s dedicated Richborough Connection project page:

If you have questions about our application please contact our community relations team on 0800 157 7878 (lines open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday). Please note that we are unable to take representations.